Scoop Squad Pet Waste Removal Under Construction
On a webpage, all of the text and images are generally standard, and safe. Whenever you see anything that looks dynamic though (something about the page changes when you click a button, a total is calculated on the fly, and so on), it has some kind of programming behind it, usually something called JavaScript.
In order to protect you from potentially harmful or misleading 'scripts', some browsers like Internet Explorer 7 will disable them. The option to enable them on specific pages is usually available at the top of your browser window. The option will ask you if you would like to "enable ActiveX scripts". Other browsers may need you to confugure your controls manually in the tools or settings part of it.
The Scoop Squad site is completely harmless, and in order for you to enjoy the best possible experience the site can offer, it is suggested that you allow it to run scripts.
Scoop Squad Pet Waste Removal