Scoop Squad offers Pet Waste Management services to people who are too busy, unable to, or just plain dislike cleaning up after their Pets (usually, the pet in question is one or more dogs). We work out of Vancouver BC and service the surrounding areas as well.

For about $10 dollars a week, we will come into the yard and consistently clean it of all waste. It's easy and convenient, and you will no longer have to think about picking up after your Dog.

You will require two things in order to work with us. They are:

  1. An Email Address

    An email address is something most people have, but beyond that, we actually require one! The reason we do this is so that you don't need any silly customer numbers, codes, or passwords.. all you need to know is your email! Also, email is the primary and best way of communicating with us. Read more on the Contact page.
  2. A Credit Card

    Currently, we only accept credit card for payment as our service is a subscription style service. There is no cancelation fees or minimum cancelation times, just let us know and we will cancel your subscription to the service. We would not be able to charge such low rates for our services if we had people sitting around, printing invoices, taking cheques and cash to the bank, accounting for different customers at different times, and so on. The reason we require a credit card is that it is the most convenient way to pay and avoids invoicing and cheque clearing hassles. The time and money this saves us is passed on to our customers! In the future we may accept pre-authorized debits from bank accounts, but for now credit cards are a requirement for service.

In order to sign up, simply let us know by either filling out the Sign Up page, or contacting us. Once it is confirmed that you are in our area of service, we will complete the registration process and gather your credit card information in person (for confidentiality and security reasons). Then you're set to go!

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